Diabetic Eye Exams

"Diabetes is the leading cause of vision loss for Americans under the age of 74, and Doctors of Optometry are dedicated to early diagnosis and timely treatment to prevent diabetes related blindness. Optometrists perform the majority of comprehensive, dilated eye examinations for people with diabetes in the United States and are well versed in the treatment and management of diabetic eye disease. In addition, optometrists are committed to educating their patients about ways of preventing and minimizing eye complications caused by diabetes, and routinely work with other health care professionals - including primary care physicians, endocrinologists, podiatrists, dental professionals, pharmacists and specialty eye surgeons to ensure patients receive the highest quality care, maintain good vision, and live healthy lives."

--Diabetes and Eye Health, American Optometric Association

If you have been diagnosed with diabetes, a comprehensive, dilated eye exam is recommended at least annually. Please call to schedule your visit today.