Patient Reviews

"Keep doing what you're doing. Totally comfortable with the care I'm receiving. Wouldn't even consider going anywhere else." -Pennsburg patient, 3/17

"I was very satisfied and happy with all my visits." -Pennsburg patient, 3/17

"Dr. Pike was pleasant and made me feel very comfortable as a new patient. She was extremely thorough and explained everything she was doing. She was very clear in her opinion of the present status of my eyes and what changes to look for in the future. I was thoroughly satisfied and I am totally convinced that I made the right move to switch to this practice." -Emmaus patient, 3/17

"Dr. Eiss was friendly and helpful in answering all my questions. The office staff was just so nice. We had a wonderful conversation at the desk. They just made me feel welcome and comfortable." –Pennsburg patient, 3/17

"Great Job, thank you for the care..." –Pennsburg patient, 2/17

"Very happy with my visit." -Pennsburg patient, 2/17

"I had a very pleasant experience!" -Pennsburg patient, 2/17

"Thank you for your explanation of my exam." –Pennsburg patient, 2/17

"Thanks for taking good care of my family... very professional and caring doctors and staff." –Pennsburg patient, 2/17

"Keep up the good work." –Pennsburg patient, 2/17

“We've been using Eyecare of the Valley for several years and are happy with the service.” –Emmaus patient, 1-17

 “I am thrilled that the office worker helped me to pick out new glasses. I am usually frustrated trying to pick out glasses. Thanks.” –Emmaus patient, 1-17

“Everyone was congenial.” –Emmaus patient, 1/17

"My children and I are very happy with this eyecare provider. Thank you for being so great." –Pennsburg patient, 1/17

"Dr. Welch was fantastic. She was very thorough in her exam and explanations…" -Pennsburg patient, 1/17

“…very friendly staff… made me feel right at home.” –Emmaus patient, 12/16

"Great atmosphere and staff!" -Pennsburg patient, 11/16

"...efficient and pleasant." -Pennsburg patient, 11/16

"The staff, doctors and receptionists are all very friendly and the service I get there is always exceptional. Thank you!" -Pennsburg patient, 11/16

"Always happy with my service" -Pennsburg patient, 10/16

"Great friendly environment." -Pennsburg patient, 9/16

"Care is excellent." -Pennsburg patient, 9/16

"They really do a great job." -Pennsburg patient, 9/16

"You are excellent! I am glad I switched to your practice!" -Pennsburg patient, 9/16

"Best exam, ever! Thank you!" -Pennsburg patient, 9/16

“Dr. Eiss is excellent. My prescription is difficult, but he is very patient. No matter how many times my lenses need adjusting, his goal is to make sure it's as exact as possible. I appreciate having a doctor who cares that much.” –Pennsburg patient, 7/16

“… wonderful, explained everything. good visit” –Pennsburg patient, 7/16

 “I really appreciate Dr. Foreman's thoroughness… he was very knowledgeable and helpful in explaining things to me” –Pennsburg patient, 7/16

“Completely satisfied with my eye examination visits to Dr. Eiss.” –Pennsburg patient, 6/16

 “I think what you are doing now is wonderful… keep up the good work” –Pennsburg patient, 6/16